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FMB is proud to provide opportunities for volunteers to give back to public lands through stewardship events within the Upper Missouri River Breaks Monument, and we are regularly found throughout Montana promoting recreation and raising awareness for the Monument.

Our largest volunteer event is focused around our Cottonwood Restoration Project. For the past five years, Friends of the Missouri Breaks Monument and the Bureau of Land Management have held annual planting events, with the outcome of 600 cottonwood trees planted along the banks of the Missouri River. Cottonwoods provide the area with greater species richness and are directly correlated with the overall biodiversity of the entire Monument. Without the plains cottonwood, much of what makes the Breaks an ecologically rich place would not be possible, and because of this the cottonwood is truly a keystone species within the monument’s entire ecosystem. Due to changed flood regimes, cottonwoods along the Wild and Scenic designated stretch of the Missouri River are no longer regenerating at a sustainable rate. Thus the need for the project in helping establish a new generation of cottonwoods. Click the button below for a more in-depth look via an interactive map on the project.